Arnold Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramic Art

done by Timothy Arnold


During my early years as a child, I participated in summer drawing classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. In High School I took every art class possible and found my passion to be ceramics. I received an Associate in Fine Art's at the College of Dupage and later went on to earn a Bachelors in Fine Arts with Honors at Illinois State Universality. 


My work is made of three dimensional clay forms combined with an array of intense unpredictable colors. The ceramics I work with often require multiple firings by an alternative process to achieve the range of colors seen in my work. The shapes incite a unique and pleasurable decorum for the mind. 


My inspiration lies heavily within my environment, from the hills of Colorado to the deserts of Arizona, nature has greatly influenced my artistic approach. 

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Timothy Arnold

Arnold Ceramics

Villa Park, Illinois, United States